Violent Crimes

Experience representing assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, robbery, carjacking, spousal abuse, and child abuse cases, just to name a few.

Serious penalties come with a violent crime conviction in the State of California and retaining a well rounded criminal defense attorney is crucial. As a former Deputy District Attorney in San Diego, Mr. Wolfe knows exactly what steps need to be taken in order to achieve a favorable outcome. Avoiding any type of conviction in a San Diego Superior Court, is our goal and Mr. Wolfe will put his experience defending AND prosecuting violent crime offenders in San Diego and Vista court. San Diego Attorney, William Wolfe, knows what details to investigate, who to interview, and find the small “holes” in the prosecutions case against you. When it comes to the severity of your violent crime, certain details are factored in such as, was there a weapon involved or if anyone was hurt during the commission of the crime. Mr. Wolfe has extensive experience representing every type of violent crime out there from the most common battery or simple assault to the most serious, Murder or Homicide. When it comes to murder or homicide, you also need to factor in to your decision making, how many death penalty cases any potential attorney has represented? Last thing you or a loved one needs is an attorney with absolutely no experience representing clients looking at a death penalty sentence.