Sex Crimes

Sex crimes and offenses are treated as some of the most serious crimes in law enforcement. Penalties for these crimes may include: Prison (in some cases, for life), Jail, Fines, Counseling, Lifetime registration as a sex offender

Having been accused or arrested for a sex crime like, child molestation, rape, child rape, sexual abuse, online or internet solicitation, pandering, pimping, sex with a minor, sexual battery, statutory rape, date rape, indecent exposure, sodomy, child pornography, prostitution, solicitation, pedophilia, or lewd & lascivious conduct, there is an immediate need for representation by an experienced sex crime attorney. Often times, much of the case will depend upon a statement by the accused. That is why it is so important to not speak to anyone about your case until you have spoken with a qualified and experienced Vista or San Diego Sex Crime Attorney. There are many ways that your statement may be documented and recorded without your knowledge. Call the Law Offices of William L. Wolfe, a Vista and San Diego CA Sex Crime Lawyer, so we can prevent this from happening. As a Police Detective, sex crime lawyer William Wolfe, was assigned to the unit responsible for investigating sex offenses or sex crimes as it’s sometimes called. Here, sex crime defense attorney William Wolfe, received specialized training in the investigation of these cases. Additionally, as a Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Wolfe, a sex offense and sex crime lawyer, was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of sex offenses involving both adults and children.

What are the consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction in California?

There are instances where a sex crime conviction can be considered a strike on your criminal record and depending on the severity of the sex crime, it could be considered a “First Strike” which would carry with it a 25 years to life in prison. In San Diego County, a conviction for Sexual Assault or some form of sex related crime, aside from jail, you’re looking at lifetime sex offender registration under Megan’s Law, sex offender tracking, financial penalties, personal counseling, probation or parole, mandatory AIDS testing, loss of child visitation rights, loss of child custody, and even your right to own a firearm or even vote!