Criminal Defense Legal Services

Providing Legal Representation For The Following Crimes:

Weapons Violations & Gun Charges

Although it is our constitutional right to own a firearm in the United States, restrictions do apply to certain individuals who have prior convictions on their record, especially if you’re a convicted felon. If you have been convicted of a felony in the State of California, have any kind of restraining order against you, or have a prior misdemeanor conviction like domestic violence, battery, or assault, it is illegal for you to own or possess a firearm, period. No if, and, or buts. As a convicted felon, if you were to be caught in possession of a gun in San Diego County, or anywhere in the State of California, you would be looking at a new felony and serious consequences. Obviously a very serious situation that would require an attorney with the extensive experience defending citizens charged with a weapons violation, like William Wolfe. As mentioned, the State of California has some pretty harsh penalties associated with gun violations, especially if you’re not supposed to have one and William Wolfe’s experience arresting and prosecuting weapons violators as a former deputy district attorney for the County of San Diego, gives you the advantage over other gun and weapons lawyers in the County of San Diego. Experience counts.

3 Strike Law, Help with a 3rd Strike

This law is no joke in the state of California and is imperative that you hire a qualified San Diego 3 Strike Attorney to represent your case. What does 3 Strike stand for? Just like baseball, if you get one, two, and three convictions for a serious crime, you’re headed to prison for a while due to the harsh penalties associated with the three strike law. Although there are numerous was to end up under the thumb of the law on this one, the most common reason people get a third strike is due to an assault, theft, or dui that was further complicated with new crimes or violations. The California 3 Strike law is something that can in a way “pop” up on you when being charged with a new crime. One minute you’re looking a new charges and the next you’re trying to avoid a 3rd strike conviction. Don’t mess around with this one. Get ahold of an attorney like William Wolfe to help keep you out of prison.

Violent Crime

Experience representing assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, robbery, carjacking, spousal abuse, and child abuse cases, just to name a few.

Serious penalties come with a violent crime conviction in the State of California and retaining a well rounded criminal defense attorney is crucial. As a former Deputy District Attorney in San Diego, Mr. Wolfe knows exactly what steps need to be taken in order to achieve a favorable outcome. Avoiding any type of conviction in a San Diego Superior Court, is our goal and Mr. Wolfe will put his experience defending AND prosecuting violent crime offenders in San Diego and Vista court. San Diego Attorney, William Wolfe, knows what details to investigate, who to interview, and find the small “holes” in the prosecutions case against you. When it comes to the severity of your violent crime, certain details are factored in such as, was there a weapon involved or if anyone was hurt during the commission of the crime. Mr. Wolfe has extensive experience representing every type of violent crime out there from the most common battery or simple assault to the most serious, Murder or Homicide. When it comes to murder or homicide, you also need to factor in to your decision making, how many death penalty cases any potential attorney has represented? Last thing you or a loved one needs is an attorney with absolutely no experience representing clients looking at a death penalty sentence.


Just because you have a warrant for your arrest, or are accused of violating your terms of probation, you are not automatically guaranteed a return to custody. You can benefit by retaining an experienced warrants attorney who can negotiate and resolve the warrant or violation. However, simply “turning yourself in” or being caught by the police when you least expect it, is certainly more likely to lead to custody. In many instances, the Law Offices of William L. Wolfe have been successful in recalling the warrant and reinstating probation without the client even appearing in a San Diego court, and with no additional custody. Now is the time to put the experience of William L. Wolfe to work for you, and correct the situation before you are arrested unexpectedly.

Probation Violation

Most misdemeanors in San Diego usually receive probation as their sentence, which is WAY better than jail time, but is till serious and could land you in jail if you violate it. There are all sorts of ways to violate your probation, like commit a new crime, but most of the time a violation comes due a failed drug test, failure to pay restitution, not completing a rehabilitation program, or missing a meeting with your probation officer. So if you dropped the ball and violated the terms of your probation in San Diego, you really need to hire the services of criminal defense attorney, William Wolfe, so that you can avoid a negative outcome.

Juvenile Charges

As the parent or legal guardian of a juvenile in San Diego, it is your responsibility to provide the best possible care and nourishment that they need. So if they were to be charged with a traffic infraction, DUI, drug offense, possession of a firearm, or worst case scenario, a sex crime or homicide, it's your responsibility to provide the best legal representation available in a San Diego Superior Court. Depending on the extent of the crime, your child could even be charged as an adult, or face felony charges that could stay with them for the rest of their life. For example, if your child were to be charged and convicted of a sex crime in San Diego, they could be placed on a sex offender list for the rest of their life.

Theft Offenses

San Diego criminal defense attorney, William Wolfe, has the experience and positive track record representing White Collar Crime, Forgery, Identity Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Robbery, Credit Card Fraud, Check Cashing, Counterfeiting, Ponzi Scheme, Burglary, Petty Theft, Grand Larceny, and Grand Theft Auto. These types of cases can range from a simple petty theft to serious felonies. In some instances, it may result in a strike under California’s Three Strikes Law. There are many defenses to such crimes which may be available to you depending upon the facts of your case and just how experienced your selected theft defense attorney is in the San Diego Superior Court System. Other times these cases can be plea bargained for a lesser charge or penalty. The best proven way to have such success is through negotiations and an attorney properly guiding your case through the system.

Sexual Assault & Sex Crime Attorney

Sex crimes and offenses are treated as some of the most serious crimes in law enforcement. Penalties for these crimes may include: Prison (in some cases, for life), Jail, Fines, Counseling, Lifetime registration as a sex offender

Having been accused or arrested for a sex crime like, child molestation, rape, child rape, sexual abuse, online or internet solicitation, pandering, pimping, sex with a minor, sexual battery, statutory rape, date rape, indecent exposure, sodomy, child pornography, prostitution, solicitation, pedophilia, or lewd & lascivious conduct, there is an immediate need for representation by an experienced sex crime attorney. Often times, much of the case will depend upon a statement by the accused. That is why it is so important to not speak to anyone about your case until you have spoken with a qualified and experienced Vista or San Diego Sex Crime Attorney. There are many ways that your statement may be documented and recorded without your knowledge. Call the Law Offices of William L. Wolfe, a Vista and San Diego CA Sex Crime Lawyer, so we can prevent this from happening. As a Police Detective, sex crime lawyer William Wolfe, was assigned to the unit responsible for investigating sex offenses or sex crimes as it’s sometimes called. Here, sex crime defense attorney William Wolfe, received specialized training in the investigation of these cases. Additionally, as a Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Wolfe, a sex offense and sex crime lawyer, was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of sex offenses involving both adults and children.

What are the consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction in California?

There are instances where a sex crime conviction can be considered a strike on your criminal record and depending on the severity of the sex crime, it could be considered a “First Strike” which would carry with it a 25 years to life in prison. In San Diego County, a conviction for Sexual Assault or some form of sex related crime, aside from jail, you’re looking at lifetime sex offender registration under Megan’s Law, sex offender tracking, financial penalties, personal counseling, probation or parole, mandatory AIDS testing, loss of child visitation rights, loss of child custody, and even your right to own a firearm or even vote!

Drug Offenses

Helping clients arrested for Drug Cultivation, Distribution, Possession, or Transportation of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, LSD, X or Ecstasy, or Molly in the City of San Diego.

If you're looking at some drug charges in the County of San Diego you need to enlist the legal services of an experienced San Diego attorney familiar with representing drug violations. When it comes to a drug charge in San Diego, it is imperative that your attorney be familiar with the ever changing laws concerning drug offenses in the State of California, because punishments for things such as manufacturing and sales, are becoming more severe every year. When it comes to something like Simple Possession of certain drugs, more and more cases are leaning towards different forms of treatment and rehabilitation programs, because under current California law, most are eligible for these programs and stand little chance of serving time.

If you're looking at a situation where there was a search of a vehicle, residence, or person, then you have a unique drug charges situation that creates complications due to the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution. Many times, these searches were not done legally or conducted properly, an experienced San Diego narcotics attorney will jump on this and possibly result in charges being dismissed in a San Diego Superior Court. As mentioned, Mr. Wolfe brings with him the experience as a former police officer and Deputy District Attorney for the Count of San Diego. How does that help your drug charges? This unique experience allows attorney Wolfe review the details of your drug arrest and find issues with searches, evidence, witnesses that another San Diego Drug Violation Lawyer might not notice due to his lack of experience on the other side of the courtroom.

Domestic Violence

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer representing clients charged with Domestic Violence in San Diego, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Sante, El Cajon, SDSU Area, Chairemont, North Park, Hillcrest, and greater SD County.

Are you or someone you know looking at a domestic violence charge in San Diego County? If so, before you appear in court or do anything at all, your first priority needs to be retaining the legal services of San Diego domestic violence attorney, William Wolfe. I'm sure you have all sorts of questions concerning your arrest that our San Diego law office can answer for you, such as what kind of consequences your domestic violence charges might bring. When you hire our domestic violence legal services you will clearly see that our focus is your rights, your domestic violence case, and what can be done to come away with a favorable outcome. Our San Diego domestic violence law office is committed to helping you avoid any conviction or jail time and attorney Wolfe has the proven history of favorable outcomes to a variety of domestic violence charges such as, assault, battery, child abuse, child neglect, restraining order violations, false imprisonment, spousal abuse, domestic battery, violent criminal threats, or harassing phone calls. Mr. Wolfe's experience prosecuting domestic violence offenders as a deputy district attorney for the County of San Diego only enhances his experience due to his involvement in many domestic violence cases. This experience on "both sides" of the court room gives you a "one up" on the other domestic violence attorneys available here in the City of San Diego by knowing where certain doubts can be created in your case and better your chances of having your case dismissed or acquitted.

DMV Violation/Traffic Tickets

Help with Car Impounded, DMV Hearings, Failure to appear, Racing on a highway, Reckless driving, Red Light Camera Ticket, Speeding Over 100 mph, Stop sign or red light violations, Suspended license

Do you need help with a DMV violation or traffic ticket in San Diego County? Well, on top of what you'll owe the San Diego County Court, the Department of Motor Vehicles has their own set of sanctions you'll need to address. For example, if you had you license confiscated by the officer who pulled you over, and given a pink temporary license, you're looking at 10 days from that arrest date, to set what is known as an "Admin Per Se Hering" with the DMV. Obviously, you're no expert in this field, that's where the Law Office of William Wolfe comes in to help. It's very important that you acquire appropriate legal representation to help schedule and represent you during these hearing. Don't go into any San Diego Court hearing without a good defense attorney who has extensive experience handling these kinds of DMV cases. Aside from assisting numerous San Diego residents with their traffic violation or DMV problems, San Diego DMV Lawyer, William Wolfe, has the experience on the "other side" of the legal system thanks to his 10 stint as a police officer in the city of Escondido, North County San Diego.