Drug Offenses

Helping clients arrested for Drug Cultivation, Distribution, Possession, or Transportation of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, LSD, X or Ecstasy, or Molly in the City of San Diego.

If you're looking at some drug charges in the County of San Diego you need to enlist the legal services of an experienced San Diego attorney familiar with representing drug violations. When it comes to a drug charge in San Diego, it is imperative that your attorney be familiar with the ever changing laws concerning drug offenses in the State of California, because punishments for things such as manufacturing and sales, are becoming more severe every year. When it comes to something like Simple Possession of certain drugs, more and more cases are leaning towards different forms of treatment and rehabilitation programs, because under current California law, most are eligible for these programs and stand little chance of serving time.

If you're looking at a situation where there was a search of a vehicle, residence, or person, then you have a unique drug charges situation that creates complications due to the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution. Many times, these searches were not done legally or conducted properly, an experienced San Diego narcotics attorney will jump on this and possibly result in charges being dismissed in a San Diego Superior Court. As mentioned, Mr. Wolfe brings with him the experience as a former police officer and Deputy District Attorney for the Count of San Diego. How does that help your drug charges? This unique experience allows attorney Wolfe review the details of your drug arrest and find issues with searches, evidence, witnesses that another San Diego Drug Violation Lawyer might not notice due to his lack of experience on the other side of the courtroom.