3 Strikes

This law is no joke in the state of California and is imperative that you hire a qualified San Diego 3 Strike Attorney to represent your case. What does 3 Strike stand for? Just like baseball, if you get one, two, and three convictions for a serious crime, you’re headed to prison for a while due to the harsh penalties associated with the three strike law. Although there are numerous was to end up under the thumb of the law on this one, the most common reason people get a third strike is due to an assault, theft, or dui that was further complicated with new crimes or violations. The California 3 Strike law is something that can in a way “pop” up on you when being charged with a new crime. One minute you’re looking a new charges and the next you’re trying to avoid a 3rd strike conviction. Don’t mess around with this one. Get ahold of an attorney like William Wolfe to help keep you out of prison.